New and used trucks for sale from Topline Industries

I work for a transport and delivery company and we’ve got a whole fleet of trucks and trailers. Want to know where we get them from? Topline Industries. Their range of new and used trucks for sale is very impressive, and we’ve been using them for years. Not only are their trucks and trailers superior

19 Dec 2014

Classy Kitchen Showrooms Richmond

Seeing kitchen options in action at a great showroom is the best way to make choices about kitchen design. I usually send my clients to kitchen showrooms Richmond where there are some great options. One of the best for state of the art appliances and stand out design is definitely the Kitchen Design Centre. I’m

19 Dec 2014

Fine Quality Shoes Australia

My dad used to make shoes for over 40 years and he used to be appalled by the sort of shoes I would spend my money on. Fashion and expectations of quality have really changed over the years and the thing he always harped on about was people paying for brands over quality. I am

18 Dec 2014

Vertical Gardens for Kids

The kids are still only in primary school but they do this thing at their school where they garden and learn all about where there food comes from. They really wanted an apiary but I was a little uncomfortable having all those bees around and we don’t have much of a backyard. We came up

14 Dec 2014

Using a Mobile Mechanic Melbourne

  I had never used a mobile mechanic Melbourne but now I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old fashioned version of car maintenance. I was just a bit dubious you could get as good a job done on your car without the inconvenience of having to take it in somewhere. I have

09 Dec 2014

Builders Warranty Insurance Saved us a Fortune

I work for a small developer and in the office there is literally just the three of us. People think it’s a mugs game, the developer game but there’s often so little margin for error on projects with so many unknown variables. There is great money to be made when you get things right and

05 Dec 2014

High Quality Roller Blinds in Melbourne

If you are looking for top quality roller blinds in Melbourne look no further than Blackout Blinds. Blockout Blinds offer a wide range of high-class roller blinds without the hassle of any breakage while pulling them up or rolling them down. These roller blinds effortlessly roll up and down over an aluminium tube allowing privacy

02 Dec 2014

Found Quality Removalists Werribee

I’ve been working in my dad’s office in Werribee since I finished at uni about 15 years ago. We had certainly out grown the old place and were ready to move but with a business like that boy you accumulate a lot of junk. Once we had found the right place we needed to find

30 Nov 2014

Grand Iron Gates Melbourne

The gates make the home, as the old adage explains. I’m not sure if it’s really so old or I just coined it but there’s nothing more wonderful than rocking up to a home with a grand set of gates Melbourne. We installed ours last year and people just cant help but talk about them.

27 Nov 2014

Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Dresses Melbourne

Making and fitting a plus size wedding dress is an unenviable task. I wasn’t prepared to pay more just because I needed a plus size dress but I suppose there’s a lot more fabric and stitching involved and were not all plus in the same areas so fitting can be a real struggle. Plenty of

24 Nov 2014

Excellent Relaxation Massage in Melbourne

A good relaxation massage in Melbourne shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and you shouldn’t need to book 3 months in advance to get in. There are enough wonderful day spas in the city that if your first choice isn’t available you can try something new with confidence. The best I’ve stumbled across is

20 Nov 2014

My Very Own Car Lift  

I have been collecting cars since I was 23 and I’m proud to say I have never sold a car. I have a lovely farm about two hours from Melbourne, which has become my showroom and workshop. I do most of my own mechanic work these days thanks to the car lift I bought from

18 Nov 2014

Floor Heating Just the Best

Floor heating is tough to go past in a ski lodge. We’re up here right through Winter and pretty regularly in the warmer months as well but in an alpine region it can be chilly all year round. One of my real pleasures is coming downstairs to lovely warm floors in the morning. I can

15 Nov 2014

Where to Get Your Bond Loan QLD product

If you’re moving out in QLD the place to get a bond loan is Rent Bond Move. I promised the guys at their office I would give them a shout out because they were so great with me. I really had a tough time getting help from the first provider I spoke to but Rent

12 Nov 2014

Flattering High Waisted Jeans

As a personal shopper I get exclusive access to some of Melbourne’s best retailers and boutiques and for me it’s the best job imaginable. It’s not as easy as it looks though and being able to determine the best clothes for the person has taken years of experience. Many women love high waisted jeans because

09 Nov 2014