The best house and land packages Mernda, the north east or even Melbourne can offer

I’d always thought buying a house would be out of my reach. The price of homes seemed to be steadily increasing even when you looked further out of the CBD, and so it just didn’t seem viable. While I had resolved myself to a life of renting, my genius wife enlightened me about house and

21 Apr 2015

All your mechanical drafting dreams will come true

I started out my engineering consultancy with just my brother, my brother in-law and I and since then, we’ve grown to have around 15 employees. As our company grew, we were quick to realise that we occasionally needed an expert in mechanical drafting to help our clients, and most importantly, foster our businesses success. There

15 Apr 2015

POS systems can truly help with the success of your business

It was a one of the biggest decisions of my life to quit my job and open a café four years ago. I pretty much put everything on the line and thankfully, it’s so far paying off. The reason for my success so far is a combination of a number of things. Of course great

09 Apr 2015

Turn weekend golf into a golfing holiday

My mates and I have always gotten together on the weekend for a round of golf or two, but would’ve never imagined going on a golfing holiday. It was actually my wife who suggested it, over dinner, during my third recreation of how I made par at a particularly tricky hole. I talked to the

01 Apr 2015

The best way to get on track to book your driving test NSW wide

  It’s definitely a difficult job conducting driving tests for prospective drivers. It’s my job to assess whether or not a person is able to safely be in control of a vehicle and that they fully comprehend the rules of the road. It’s easy to feel like the bad guy sometimes when you’ve got bad

23 Mar 2015

Is SEM the answer for your business?

I was surprised when my business still wasn’t as busy as I had thought it would be. I knew I had a great business model, products and my customer service was exceptional, but the customers just weren’t there. We were staying in business, but just barely, so knew I had to look into driving some

17 Mar 2015

Great bond loans QLD wide

To be honest – my best friend’s apartment is a bit of a mess. The bench tops are peeling, the shower roof is rife with soap scum and the carpets are less than fresh. I couldn’t understand why she was still shacked up in the place having a pretty good job with steady income. It

12 Mar 2015

Persian Rugs and So Much More

What I like about Hali is the range of different rugs you can find in shapes, sizes and styles. I know a lot of places that do modern rugs and some that do Persian rugs but very few that have a quality range across a number of different categories. Hali are experts when it comes

02 Mar 2015

Splashbox – my go to guys for web design Melbourne

Normally, if you want something done right, you do it yourself. Not when it comes to web design. I had a crack at designing my own website for my business, but my technical know-how isn’t quite up to scratch. My partner suggested I speak with Splashbox – a web design agency in Melbourne that she’d

22 Feb 2015

Don’t be Overwhelmed by Types of Coffee Beans

I found the hardest thing in stocking our café was deciding between all the different types of coffee beans. It’s certainly a lot easier to be a critic than a purveyor and the subject of criticism. We made some mistakes but eventually landed on Cisco’s Coffee. Cisco’s really helped us to navigate the complex world

18 Feb 2015

PPC Herbs Liver Tonic

PPC Herbs are a real life save when it comes to liver tonics. I am particularly sensitive to a lot of natural and scientific ingredients that are pretty common in liver tonics. PPC Herbs have a range of different liver cleansing products so even someone like me can find something that works. A good liver

14 Feb 2015

Breast Augmentation Before and After, It’s More Than Just a Photo

You often see photos of breast augmentation before and after. The real difference is a much more fundamental one and the photos can’t quite capture it. Not to sound crass, but a really great pair of breasts command attention. They’re not for everyone and some of my friends think they are a bit much but

10 Feb 2015

Great Drink Vending Machines Melbourne

We have all of our gyms stocked with drink vending machines Melbourne by SVA Vending. They know we want specific stuff in there like vitamin water and all that sort of thing so they leave the stocking to us and just take care of the machines and occasional maintenance. We haven’t had any problems but

04 Feb 2015

Dermapen; The Magic Wand

I was introduced to dermapen procedures by a clinician at Avenue Advanced Skin Care. To me it looked pretty alien but I became quickly engaged when they started explaining all the wonderful things a dermapen was capable of. As I understand it it’s basically a magic wand for skin care. For me, skin softness is

29 Jan 2015

My favourite Gold Coast removalists

I’ve moved homes more times than the average person. I rent on the Gold Coast but it seems like the popularity here has grown over the years and I keep finding myself priced out of my apartment with rent prices increasing all the time. Nonetheless, I love it here and don’t want to leave. The

20 Jan 2015