Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Dresses Melbourne

Making and fitting a plus size wedding dress is an unenviable task. I wasn’t prepared to pay more just because I needed a plus size dress but I suppose there’s a lot more fabric and stitching involved and were not all plus in the same areas so fitting can be a real struggle. Plenty of

24 Nov 2014

Excellent Relaxation Massage in Melbourne

A good relaxation massage in Melbourne shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and you shouldn’t need to book 3 months in advance to get in. There are enough wonderful day spas in the city that if your first choice isn’t available you can try something new with confidence. The best I’ve stumbled across is

20 Nov 2014

My Very Own Car Lift  

I have been collecting cars since I was 23 and I’m proud to say I have never sold a car. I have a lovely farm about two hours from Melbourne, which has become my showroom and workshop. I do most of my own mechanic work these days thanks to the car lift I bought from

18 Nov 2014

Where to Get Your Bond Loan QLD product

If you’re moving out in QLD the place to get a bond loan is Rent Bond Move. I promised the guys at their office I would give them a shout out because they were so great with me. I really had a tough time getting help from the first provider I spoke to but Rent

12 Nov 2014

First time buyer looking for house and land packages Melbourne wide?

So I’ve decided it’s time to buy my first home. I’ve been saving for a couple of years and I’ve put away enough money for a deposit, so after talking with a few people I’ve been told that a great area to buy in right now is Berwick – Clyde, in Melbourne’s south east. House

05 Nov 2014

Solid Core Doors Turn a Room Into a Safe

Plenty of businesses have valuable merchandise but when everything in your store is high end it’s impossible to pack it all away in the safe at the end of the day. For us heavy-duty window bars and solid core doors were the only viable option. High end AV equipment is top of the list for

23 Oct 2014
online learning

Importance of Choosing Online Study Courses

Online study courses allow you to choose a career path without investing too much of your time and money. You can get your associate degree, diploma, and certificate in different fields. This will put you in a better paying position and higher chances of promotion. The advantages of taking an online class through Acquire Learning

17 Oct 2014

For kids cubby houses, go straight to Lifespan Kids

When I was growing up, my father built a treehouses for me in the backyard. We had a nice big gum tree and I used to spend hours up there, having tea parties with my friends or just reading on my own. Unfortunately, our current backyard now is a little smaller than mine was and

21 Aug 2014

Quality Electrician in Brighton

Living and working in Brighton Melbourne is an absolute pleasure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You get used to sort of paying a premium for everything that you do around here because it’s such a lovely neighbourhood. When you get to my age you are prepared to pay a little extra for quality,

10 Jun 2014

Who Does Your Cad Drafting?

Cad Drafting is really where things start to take shape. 2 dimensional plans can only tell you so much and even then, it takes a well-trained eye to visualise things properly. I’ve always found the 3d modelling cad drafting provides allows you to pick up on certain problems and inconsistencies before it’s too late. Using

08 Jun 2014
emergency plumbing services

Leak Detection In A Hurry

We’ve had this problem with water pooling under the house and we couldn’t quite work out where it was coming from. It wasn’t sewage but it wasn’t exactly the world’s most pleasant smell either. Watermaster Plumbing were the first people we called because we’ve used them before and we liked the experience… as much as anyone

06 Jun 2014
Telecom expense management

Telecom Expense Management with Full Circle

Full Circle Group have been lending a hand at work for about 3 months now. It hasn’t been long and they don’t really need to come around very often but their influence has been dramatic. Most of the team aren’t really aware of them because service continues as usual but in that time we’ve changed

03 Jun 2014
ace mechanic van

Mobile Car Service on the Fly

I have a pretty hectic schedule, complete with lots of exercise and work and leisure activities, it includes time for my family but what it doesn’t include is time to run around getting my car serviced every six months. Not happening. I use Ace Auto Electrician because they come to me and are a mobile

01 Jun 2014

Storage for Richmond Office

Our business has undergone a restructure over the last few months. We weren’t looking to downsize but rather redistribute our expenses to areas we felt they were justified, part of that meant re-evaluating our needs for office space and we’ve just recently moved into a shared office in Richmond. A lot of the furniture and

30 May 2014