They’ve got display homes Berwick residents love

When I was moving out for the first time, I wanted it to be in a property that I owned rather than rented. Consequently this required on my behalf to save every bit of income that came my way over the last ten years so that I could put down a sizeable payment on my

15 Jun 2015

For bond assistance VIC, NSW or even QLD wide.

Every now and then, we all need a little bit of help, and it’s great to see that there are institutions in place to facilitate this. Of course there are a variety of services, but what I am talking about specifically is bond assistance VIC, NSW or indeed Australia wide. You see, as a pretty

10 Jun 2015

Get the information you need for a speedy c section recovery

When I first fell pregnant, I was pretty thorough in my research of all things relating to pregnancy. I’ve always liked to be highly organised, and I figured my pregnancy should be no different. Bump Moves was by far the best source of information that I found, and I would always check in with them

04 Jun 2015

The diamond rings Melbourne brides are after

It came as a complete shock to me the day my boyfriend, well rather, my now fiancé, proposed to me. I’d honestly not had an inkling or a hint that he was thinking about it, and given the proposal came in the most unexpected fashion – over dinner at one of our favourite and regularly

31 May 2015

How medical finance can help with your family dreams

To be honest, I couldn’t be more grateful of the services of Plastic Surgery Loans in helping me to start a family. You see, I come from quite a big family, and continuing that large family was something of an expectation, but also something I sorely wanted for myself. When I met my husband and

26 May 2015

A body pillow might help you sleep

I have always been a pretty restless sleeper, that is, until I found comfort in a body pillow. The reasoning behind my poor sleep has definitely been due to experiencing pretty bad back discomfort and pain, not properly supported by a regular pillow or mattress. Funnily enough, it was my pregnant sister who enlightened me

21 May 2015

Renovators love the best underfloor heating Melbourne has to offer

I think it’s fair to say that my husband and I are seasoned renovators. We bought our first home together at the age of 22, fixed it up, and sold it for a profit. Since then, I’d say we’re both addicted to the thrill of improving or completely overhauling a home. Given we’ve been at

16 May 2015

When it comes to aged care, Healthcare 2 You are the experts

I’ve worked across a number of different aged care facilities, but my current organisation by far has been the most rewarding to work for. The facilities are top of the line and the genuine care and passion of the aged care workers is noticeable. More than this, to assist with the allied health requirements of

11 May 2015

Speed up your mornings with a mirror demister

I’m hardly a morning person, so I usually wake up at the latest possible time in the mornings and consequently, have limited time to get ready. Immediately after I jump out of the shower, I need to apply my makeup, however this is often delayed by a foggy mirror. Not wanting to spare a minute,

06 May 2015

The best river cruise Melbourne wide

During wedding season, given the sheer number of engagement parties, they can tend to get a little dry and repetitive. So when it came the time to plan my own, I wanted to make sure that what I chose would make for an entertaining night not only for myself, but also for my guests. I

01 May 2015

Don’t get stressed, get a bond loan

With a second baby on the way it was clear to my wife and I that we needed to move to a bigger place – and fast. Of course we’d discussed it when she first fell pregnant, but as life does, it got in the way and we hadn’t yet got around to moving. We

26 Apr 2015

The best house and land packages Mernda, the north east or even Melbourne can offer

I’d always thought buying a house would be out of my reach. The price of homes seemed to be steadily increasing even when you looked further out of the CBD, and so it just didn’t seem viable. While I had resolved myself to a life of renting, my genius wife enlightened me about house and

21 Apr 2015

All your mechanical drafting dreams will come true

I started out my engineering consultancy with just my brother, my brother in-law and I and since then, we’ve grown to have around 15 employees. As our company grew, we were quick to realise that we occasionally needed an expert in mechanical drafting to help our clients, and most importantly, foster our businesses success. There

15 Apr 2015

POS systems can truly help with the success of your business

It was a one of the biggest decisions of my life to quit my job and open a café four years ago. I pretty much put everything on the line and thankfully, it’s so far paying off. The reason for my success so far is a combination of a number of things. Of course great

09 Apr 2015

Turn weekend golf into a golfing holiday

My mates and I have always gotten together on the weekend for a round of golf or two, but would’ve never imagined going on a golfing holiday. It was actually my wife who suggested it, over dinner, during my third recreation of how I made par at a particularly tricky hole. I talked to the

01 Apr 2015
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