Breast Augmentation Before and After, It’s More Than Just a Photo

You often see photos of breast augmentation before and after. The real difference is a much more fundamental one and the photos can’t quite capture it. Not to sound crass, but a really great pair of breasts command attention. They’re not for everyone and some of my friends think they are a bit much but

10 Feb 2015

Great Drink Vending Machines Melbourne

We have all of our gyms stocked with drink vending machines Melbourne by SVA Vending. They know we want specific stuff in there like vitamin water and all that sort of thing so they leave the stocking to us and just take care of the machines and occasional maintenance. We haven’t had any problems but

04 Feb 2015

Dermapen; The Magic Wand

I was introduced to dermapen procedures by a clinician at Avenue Advanced Skin Care. To me it looked pretty alien but I became quickly engaged when they started explaining all the wonderful things a dermapen was capable of. As I understand it it’s basically a magic wand for skin care. For me, skin softness is

29 Jan 2015

My favourite Gold Coast removalists

I’ve moved homes more times than the average person. I rent on the Gold Coast but it seems like the popularity here has grown over the years and I keep finding myself priced out of my apartment with rent prices increasing all the time. Nonetheless, I love it here and don’t want to leave. The

20 Jan 2015

The most talented wedding videographer Sydney has ever seen…

I was recently a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding in Sydney. It was such a beautiful day – in the middle of the park with the harbour bridge in the background, it was just so picturesque. I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride, and it’s such a pleasure to see my best friend so

08 Jan 2015

Fantastic kitchen renovations Melbourne wide

I’m not much of a handyman. I can fix a leaking tap and change a tyre, but that’s about it. When my wife mentioned that we needed a kitchen renovation to restore it to its original condition, I knew I was out of my depth. I searched for a company that specialised in kitchen renovation

02 Jan 2015

Once you shop at Naturalizer, you’ll never shop anywhere else

We’ve all shopped online before, and sometimes online shoe stores can be a bit hit or miss. The sizing can be off, the colours and styles a little different to what they looked like online…it’s a bit of a risk. Well, not with Naturalizer. They’re one of the best online shoe stores I’ve ever come

28 Dec 2014

Home delivered meals that actually taste like home?

I work in consulting, and if you know anything about consulting you know that the hours are a nightmare. I think I’ve spent at least 14 hours per day in the office for the last few months. Trust me, I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I don’t think I’ve

28 Dec 2014

New and used trucks for sale from Topline Industries

I work for a transport and delivery company and we’ve got a whole fleet of trucks and trailers. Want to know where we get them from? Topline Industries. Their range of new and used trucks for sale is very impressive, and we’ve been using them for years. Not only are their trucks and trailers superior

19 Dec 2014

Classy Kitchen Showrooms Richmond

Seeing kitchen options in action at a great showroom is the best way to make choices about kitchen design. I usually send my clients to kitchen showrooms Richmond where there are some great options. One of the best for state of the art appliances and stand out design is definitely the Kitchen Design Centre. I’m

19 Dec 2014

Fine Quality Shoes Australia

My dad used to make shoes for over 40 years and he used to be appalled by the sort of shoes I would spend my money on. Fashion and expectations of quality have really changed over the years and the thing he always harped on about was people paying for brands over quality. I am

18 Dec 2014

Vertical Gardens for Kids

The kids are still only in primary school but they do this thing at their school where they garden and learn all about where there food comes from. They really wanted an apiary but I was a little uncomfortable having all those bees around and we don’t have much of a backyard. We came up

14 Dec 2014

Using a Mobile Mechanic Melbourne

  I had never used a mobile mechanic Melbourne but now I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old fashioned version of car maintenance. I was just a bit dubious you could get as good a job done on your car without the inconvenience of having to take it in somewhere. I have

09 Dec 2014

Builders Warranty Insurance Saved us a Fortune

I work for a small developer and in the office there is literally just the three of us. People think it’s a mugs game, the developer game but there’s often so little margin for error on projects with so many unknown variables. There is great money to be made when you get things right and

05 Dec 2014

High Quality Roller Blinds in Melbourne

If you are looking for top quality roller blinds in Melbourne look no further than Blackout Blinds. Blockout Blinds offer a wide range of high-class roller blinds without the hassle of any breakage while pulling them up or rolling them down. These roller blinds effortlessly roll up and down over an aluminium tube allowing privacy

02 Dec 2014